Hello, my name is Courtney Dueppengiesser.

I'm Courtney! I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer and blogger located in the midwest!

Most days you can find me cuddled on the couch, wrapped in a blanket (no matter what season it is!). Typically my laptop is right on my lap and I've got hard drives scattered around me. I like to consider myself a clean and organized person, but my husband tends to be EVEN neater than I am. I leave the dishes up to my husband, mostly because he bans me from doing them since I don't do the job perfectly. I will also stare at my pile of unfolded laundry for at least a week, because that is my LEAST favorite chore! I do love to cook AND eat healthy, and now that I've got a brand new kitchen, its just all the more fun! Since moving to Missouri we have been spending most of our free time fixing up our 80yo Missouri home! You can check it out here! We also love to travel! And good thing too, because I'm always on the road or in the air, traveling for work! 

I am SUPER passionate about wedding photography and serving my clients the best way I can! I have always said, "If I could do this job for free, I absolutely would!" It is more than just a job to me. Over the past 6 years of being a photographer, clients have become friends, vendors became family and venues have become a second home. My goal while photographing your wedding day, your family or just your everyday life, is to tell your story. I want to capture not only the pretty and posed photos, but also the moments in between, because those are the photos that I think hold the most treasure. Even more than that, I am so passionate about marriage. About my marriage, and about YOUR marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing and I love to document that every day in my own life and I would love to document yours!

While I am based in the Midwest, I will travel just about anywhere to capture your story. My travel fees are reasonable... because what could be better than seeing the world while getting to take pretty pictures?! If you're ready to book your wedding or session, just click the box below!! I can't wait to meet you!

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!