Ahh! Super excited to be sharing this session because Rachel and Seth are two friends who are so near to my heart. They are also the only two who I will happily third wheel with. 

Seth and Rachel are high school sweethearts and have been married for a year and a half! It feels like just yesterday I was stuttering my way through my Co-Maid of Honor speech at their wedding. Rachel was my college bestie and a gift sent straight from heaven. The miracle that happened for us to share an apartment together, is a story for another day. If you ask anyone who knows our friendship, they will tell you that we spent every second of life together.  Now that we live half a country apart, spending time together is like gold. Which is why when Rachel found out I was going to be home in PA for Christmas, her and Seth BOTH took off work and drove 5 hours to spend only 24 hours with me. We filled those 24 hours with as many Lancaster actives as we could. Goodwill shopping, Chick-Fil-A, Amish food, coffee shops, and of course, we made time for a photoshoot. There are a few benefits of having a photographer as a friend. ;)

Love you guys so much! Thanks for making the time to see me!